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A bedroom should be your sanctuary

A bedroom should be your sanctuary. A place to escape from the everyday and unwind.

You spend a lot of time in this room so invest wisely and well with these great tips and tricks.

Invest in a headboard

If you have an ensemble invest in a padded headboard for added texture or colour. If your room is small, choose a headboard with a frame to lift the mattress so more floor is visible to the eye giving the impression of more room.

Pile on the cushions

Lots of cushions on your bed can make it more inviting. Actually without them it can appear flat and unwelcoming.

Decorators and Stylists love to use cushions because they’re an easy way to add colour and texture. The different textures (knitted, fur, velvet, shiny) and shapes (round, square or lumbar) available add volume, movement and interest to your bed.

Add a throw

Throws are a lovely way to also add colour or texture. They can soften a large expanse of pattern, highlight one colour, link to other colours in the bedroom, break up an expansive block of colour, and lighten.

Always make sure a throw is wider than your bed.

Carpet or rugs?

A good quality soft carpet with excellent under padding always adds a sense of luxury. However if you like floorboards, add a rug to define the area and add that spot of softness for your feet underfoot.

Window Treatments

Unless you like to be woken by the sun, good quality window treatments are a must. They can not only block out light but weather (such as keep in the warmth in winter), to some degree noise and are great for privacy.

The type of drape helps define a look. A feminine room always looks lovely with soft drapes. You can use sheers with blinds for summer for a layered look. For clean modern rooms, use simple plain roller blinds for sample.

Window treatments are also a great way to add additional pattern or colour to a room, define beautiful windows.

A Chair

If you have room add a comfortable chair to sit on when you put your shoes on for example, escape with a book to. A chair always adds an inviting touch to a room. It can also add more pattern or colour to your room.

If you don’t have the room a simple bench at the foot of your bed can work just as well. This can either be padded or a lovely rustic Chinese elm bench for example.


The unsung hero of any room and often the last thing people think of.

Lighting adds mood to a room. Ensure you have centre lights for dressing in, good lighting near any mirror you do your make up in, and lighting beside the bed for lighting the way to bed, and any activities such as reading you do in bed.

Something to send you off to sleep

A lovely trick is to throw a few drops of Lavender Oil on your sheets when you change them. Lavender is meant to be a relaxant.

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