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A long love affair with bird cages

Our love of bird cages never fades. They are such fabulous decorating tools.

Birdcages can add a touch of whimsy, a vintage or eclectic feel to a room. With so many varied and fabulous styles and sizes too choose from you can usually find one to fit your space.

Here are just some of the ways you can use bird cages in your home:

  • Stack books in them for an easy and stylish storage option

  • Add a plant  or flowers to the inside

  • Fill them with fairy or LED lights as a lamp

  • Use a ceiling rose pendant light fitting kit to install a bird cage as a pendant

  • Use one as your dining room centrepiece and add a candle or several candles

  • Simply add one or stack several on top of a console or cabinet for effect

  • Create a hanging wall of birdcages and plants outside.

Keep them in the condition you found them or spray paint them a fabulous teal for example.

The benefit of a bird cage in addition to the beautiful and varied designs that exist, is they can be quite large filling up an empty space, but because of their makeup they are light and airy so as to not dominate and take up to much visual space.

If you are a bird lover, there is of course the option to keep a bird.

Visit our Pinterest page at http://bit.ly/1dPUOZD to see how these ideas have been used in homes around the world.

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