Home HQ

1 Frederick St, Artarmon 2064  |  02 9438 1001


HomeHQ offers a number of services within the centre.

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Visitors with Children

HomeHQ has a Change Room located on the ground floor with baby changing facilities.

We also have the HomeHQ kids area located on the lower ground floor near Dare Gallery and By Dezign. This includes a fabulous pirate ship climbing gym which is recommeneded for children aged 2–6.

Free Wi-Fi Access

HomeHQ Artarmon now has Free Wi-Fi in the centre for our customers to enjoy whilst they take a break from their shopping.

Terms and Conditions Apply:

  1. By agreeing to our terms and conditions, customers accept that HomeHQ Artarmon will do their best to ensure the HomeHQ Artarmon Free Wi-Fi Service is reliable and secure however at times, the HomeHQ Artarmon Free Wi-Fi Service may become unavailable
  2. The HomeHQ Artarmon Free Wi-Fi service provides free Broadband Internet however this service is not intended or to be used for the purpose of supporting any application which is dependent upon seamless and error free internet connectivity
  3. HomeHQ Artarmon will at all times monitor and remedy any interruptions to the HomeHQ Artarmon Free Wi-Fi Service, however it will not take any responsibility for any data by any user that crosses the HomeHQ Artarmon Free Wi-Fi service
  4. The HomeHQ Artarmon Free Wi-Fi service is to be used in a socially acceptable manner. In order to provide an acceptable and fair service to all users, HomeHQ Artarmon will revoke access to any user who is in breach of these Terms & Conditions, behaves in a socially unacceptable way or any other reason deemed in violation of these Terms and Conditions
  5. HomeHQ Artarmon will block access to any network that is deemed unsuitable, inappropriate or that breeches these Terms and Conditions
  6. HomeHQ Artarmon cannot guarantee that your data will not become lost, damaged or intercepted whilst in transit using the HomeHQ Artarmon Free Wi-Fi service. HomeHQ Artarmon will not accept any responsibility for loss of emails, downloads or any other communication. Nor will HomeHQ Artarmon accept responsibility for others gaining your passwords or data
  7. HomeHQ Artarmon takes no responsibility for the security of users equipment and data. It is the duty of the user to protect against the risks of hacking, viruses, eavesdropping and the like. HomeHQ Artarmon is not responsible nor liable for any loss or damage of any kind
  8. Users of the HomeHQ Artarmon Free Wi-Fi service agree to keep their usage appropriate, lawful and tasteful. Users are not to use the service for the download or transfer of any data or items which are under copyright or deemed offensive
  9. HomeHQ Artarmon reserves the right to change these Terms and Conditions at any time. Continual use of the HomeHQ Artarmon Free Wi-Fi service establishes your acceptance of any revisions or changes to these Terms and Conditions. If you are in disagreement to these Terms and Conditions, you must not access or use the HomeHQ Artarmon Free Wi-Fi service
  10. HomeHQ Artarmon respects the privacy of all users and will be complaint with the Privacy Act and all information relating to you
  11. HomeHQ Artarmon will not (unless required by law) disclose any details about you to any third party