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Colour Trends 2014: Palette Four

The last palette is energetic like the last however this one is made up of predominantly warm colours of orange, yellow, red and brown with a few clashing colours like a smoky purple, a royal purple (a lot of blue) and a teal. These colours however have a slightly dirty undertone to them, they aren’t as pure as the Palette 3. Think warm browns, spicy oranges, terracotta and golden antiquated yellows paired with a dirty turquoise or dark blue.

 Dulux describes this palette as the Digital Nomad, ‘a global fusion of tribal reflection resulting from clashing cultures and resulting in contrast colours that form digital patterns and eclectic interiors’, which ‘creates a style where traditional boundaries are no longer defined.’

From what we are seeing of the upcoming ranges from many of our retailers these colours will be strong this Autumn/Winter.  Hopefully the attached pictures will help show how you can introduce this palette in your home now.

Now we have finished reviewing the forecasts, we need to point out again, these are colour ‘forecasts’.  Over the coming months it will be interesting to see how the retailers have taken on board these colours and adapted them into their ranges. The final outcome as to what is truly successful is determined by us, the shoppers.

You don’t have to adopt these, chose only things that appeal to you.  Add small accessories if you want to update.  What we can tell you is blue (think denim and indigo), greeny blues along with coppers and yellows will be prevalent.

Photo credit: From Mecc Interiors http://meccinteriors.wordpress.com/2013/11/page/2/

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