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Decorate with mirrors

Mirrors bring light and depth into rooms. They can make a small room look larger, reflect and emphasize views and colours from art and/or adjacent walls creating special effects.

They are an inexpensive option to art. Keep in mind to ensure the style suits the décor in your house. For example a very modern house might look odd with a set of vintage, worn, bevel edged mirrors.

A bold and gorgeous mirror can be the focal point of a room. Place one above a fireplace or as the first thing you see when you walk into a room. In a hallway or bedroom they can serve as a last-minute check point as you head out to work or an evening out.

Place one in your dining room to reflect the soft candle light during a dinner party. This adds to the ambience.

Use a a large mirror leaning against the wall to add drama to a room.  Proportionally it should be approximately 3/4 the height o the walls.

Line a bookcase with mirrors to add depth, reflect colour and light in what would normally be a dark space.

Group a set of mirrors together to create a large expanse of mirror, similar to the way you would group art. Or place one in a dark corner to create light.

In bathrooms, small spaces can be made to seem larger with a wall or mirror or a large mirror above the vanity and the length of the wall.The possibilities are endless.

A couple of tips though when using mirrors:

  • Be careful when positioning your mirrors to ensure they do not reflect something unflattering such as the back of a TV or electrical cords. Ensure you check the view in the mirror carefully before leaving it there permanently.

  • Use the right size mirrors for the space, for example do not use small mirrors on a large wall as they will be dwarfed by the wall and look odd.

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