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Decorating a coffee table

 The coffee table has become more than a table to place your drinks on. Today, it is an integral part of your overall decorating scheme, a place to reflect your personality and your decorating style.

It’s also a place most people struggle to decorate.

As a rule of thumb, I personally like to have the following 5 things in any coffee table display:

  1. A stack of books. Not only do they add colour, they are also a great way to entertain guests when you are making coffee for example. Choose books that you are interested in such as art books or even magazines. I personally have a stack of home decorating books and magazines.

  2. A decorative accessory (or more). This is where I like to add something that reflects my client. It could be a stunning bowl or a figurine such as a dog like this one from Freedom (http://bit.ly/1k7zDlq), or something more elegant such as a square blue and white ginger jar like this one from Pillow Talk (http://bit.ly/1jR6PMd).

  3. Something from nature such as a plant, vase of flowers or coral (farmed of course). It just adds another textural element and brings the outside in.

  4. A tall item (if your nature items isn’t). This just adds variations in height. In this case something wonderful like a lantern with a candle in it, a candle on its own or a tall vase/jar.

  5. A nice touch is also something for your guests (or you for that matter) to nibble on in a bowl or decorative jar such as nuts or peppermints for example. The latter is an especially nice touch just in case someone has bad breath and they are looking for something to hide.

Of course, sometimes just one or two of these items will suit your décor.

Another alternative is to pile these items onto a tray for something different.

If you are looking for more inspiration, have a look at our Pinterest board at http://bit.ly/Pv9txN.

Like everything, it’s also trial and error. So try it and see what you think. Walk away and tweak it as you go.

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