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How to decorate with a brown couch

The number one question our Interior Decorator Prue gets at HomeHQ is “how do I make my brown couch work in my living room?”  So Prue has come up with some tips and tricks to help you embrace the brown lounge and love it once again.

Brown couches are often mistaken as large dark dreary pieces purchased because they work especially when you have children with vegemite hands and crayons (or adults for that matter) or were part of the early 2000’s trend.  But we’ll show you how to embrace and love that lounge with our easy decorating tips below.

Use Light Accents

By their nature, the brown lounge is dark but it can be easily lightened by accenting the lounge with lighter accessories and the things around it for contrast.  For example, use light toned cushions and throws on your couch.  Pale hues on the walls like whites, beige hues such as Quarter or Half Strength Dulux Hogs Bristle, pale blue or grey.

Surround your sofa with light wood, light hued or white coffee tables or side tables.  Mirrored, silver or gold furniture also works a treat.  These help to break up and soften the large expanse of brown.

A rug that is not too dark such as a sisal, or one of the many patterned lighter rugs.

Paintings and mirrors in lighter tones help to reflect more light in the room and again break up the number of dark elements.  Plants too, are a fabulous way to add another wonderful and refreshing element to the room.

Break up the brown family

What we notice when we look at many of our clients photos is they’ve purchased the brown suite ie. two brown couches or a brown couch and chairs.

If possible, separate the family and introduce other textures and lighter elements such as upholstered chairs to break up the weight of the suite and give the eye something different and visually interesting to see.  There are a number of great stain resistant fabrics available now days.  Alternatively, just another colour like navy helps give the eye something new to take in.

Want to stay neutral?

If you bought your couch because you don’t particularly like colour or are afraid of colour, ensure you mix lots of different textures into the surrounding accents.  Think chunky knits, washed cotton, sisal, patterned rugs made up of neutral colours, metallic, industrial iron.

Hopefully with these simple tips, you too will once again love your brown lounge or any dark lounge for that matter.

For lots of images to inspire you, go to our Pinterest page here.