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Magical Nursery Ideas

Having a baby? Didn’t get a chance to decorate your nursery before the little one arrived? Want to surprise a friend? Nurseries can be a lot of fun and inexpensive with a little imagination.

We’ve gathered 6 of the best ideas:

Paint it

A room can be painted one fabulous colour such as navy or you could paint something simple like a mountain scene or stripes. All it takes is an idea (check out these), a paint brush and if you want straight edges painters tape.  TIP: paint the background colour first.  Then lay the painters tape on top.  To ensure a crisp line paint along the edge of the tape you intend to paint in a new colour using the background colour first and let it dry.  This helps stop any leakage.

Wallpaper it

It takes a brave person to wallpaper but the results can be spectacular. Use a fabulous graphic print or even a grasscloth. If you aren’t comfortable hanging it yourself get someone in to do it.

Sticker It

How fabulous are the removable sticker range available now days! Such an inexpensive and easy option to decorate a room.  From simple decals such as a cross or dot through to more elaborate forest scenes.  The options are endless.

Shelve It

Shelves aren’t what they use to be, now they come in many shapes, sizes and colours. They’re such a great way to add 3D colour and movement to a room.  From cloud shelves to hexagons to fabulous industrial shelving, there is something to suit any theme.

Don’t forget the Ceiling

Babies spend so much time on their backs why not make the view more interesting and we don’t mean a mobile. Try using paint, wallpaper, removable stickers, embroidery hoops, balls of yarn or tissue paper balls just to name a few.  Your bub will be mesmerised.  Keep it simple though as you don’t want it to be too stimulating so the bub won’t sleep!

Other Great Ideas

There are so many wonderful ideas on the Internet it’s hard to write them all down but here are a few others:

  • Use fabulous fabric in embroidery hoops
  • A wall of letters
  • Fabulous prints
  • Cute wire hangers hung on knobs

Now if only there was something you could buy that guaranteed the baby would sleep….

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