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Redecorating? Time to create a mood board.

Are you planning any changes to your home from small purchases such as new cushions to updating a room, to a major overhaul?

Well it’s time to create a mood board.

In January we spoke of developing a mood board on Facebook. We thought we’d repeat this story to better explain Mood board Monday to our new followers.

So, where do you start?

Firstly work out which rooms you want to focus on. I would suggest you work on one room at a time. Then, whilst you are flicking through magazines, browsing shops, receiving sale catalogues in your mail box start collecting images for a mood board. Alternatively you can set up your collection of images on Pinterest or Houzz. Visit our site for an example at http://bit.ly/Pj2I1U.

What is a mood board and why create one?

Mood boards, also known as inspiration boards, are a great tool used by Interior Decorators, Designers and Stylists to create a picture of what you like. Words and descriptions are subject to interpretation but pictures are clear and concise.

By collecting images of anything that attracts your eye not just shots of interiors but pictures such as a beach scene, you can better understand your likes and remain focused through your redecorating process.It’s easy to get distracted and start buying all sorts when you’re redecorating, only to find it doesn’t work when it’s all put together. A mood board helps you sort this process out.

I recommend a two prong process. The first mood board is images you just love. This will help you understand your likes in terms of colours, textures, finishes such as bronze vs gold, wood versus tile, shiny versus matt. Sometimes you may surprise yourself.

A client Sue went through this process when she was trying to redesign her bedroom. It just didn’t work for her. Sue had this fabulous Florence Broadhurst wallpaper in teal and metallic silver. Sue loved the concept of the wallpaper but something just wasn’t working for her.

Through the mood board process Sue discovered she loved the teal but didn’t like shiny things. Repeatedly, the colours she collected were certain shades of blue, green and red. Many of her images had a lyrical and eclectic nature to them. Sue now had her starting point.

The second mood board is actually putting the room together.

If you are redecorating your room, start with the pieces you have and love. Pin the pictures on a cork board or some other board such as a power point page

If you are just adding bits and pieces, look at the internet and retailers displays for ideas.

If completely overhauling, ensure you draw up a floor plan to scale first. Ensure you check any pieces you are interested in fit. Showrooms tend to be large and furniture can look smaller than it truly is.

As you keep building your second mood board check back to your first. Is it aligned? What is missing? Are there some colour cues to start a new colour scheme? Do you need a new piece of furniture? What shapes and styles do you like?

Now start looking on the retailer’s websites for pictures. Visit stores and collect their catalogues and take photos of bits and pieces you like. Now cut these out and add them to your board. Is it working? Does it align with your mood board?

Looking for more inspiration? Check www.pinterest.com or www.houzz.com.

Still struggling? Book an appointment with our Interior Decorator Prue, for your free 2 hour consultation at HomeHQ. More details at http://bit.ly/1foUH1g.

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