Sunny Days Ahead


by Home HQ

October 26, 2021

There’s nothing better than feeling a tease of summer through the warm breeze on a weekend afternoon, or a whiff of the salty ocean air driving near the coast, or even just a balmy night in the backyard. Summer is where we come alive, explore and (finally) get out of the house to meet up with friends and enjoy life. 

Bring summer into your home through some fresh indoor greenery and natural textiles, as well as upgrading your tableware, just in time for entertaining season. Our retailers have only got the best to offer you so you can make your home the best it can be as the sunny days approach.

Whether it’s a cool glass of water, a preppy homemade cocktail or a fresh juice, the way that you serve it to your guests can add to the overall experience! These Brooklyn Glass Tumbler from Pillow Talk make a statement with their stunning arch design and shape, perfect for entertaining.

Shop the Brooklyn Glass Tumbler Set of 4 from Pillow Talk HERE

Swapping out the old for new can change up a space in an astonishing way. We all have those moments of wanting to upgrade or refresh, so make this time heading into a new season the time you do it!

Check out these gorgeous products from our retailers like Beacon Lighting, Freedom, Adairs & more… 

  1. Brad Turner Bindim Round Wall Clock $109 Adairs
  2. Kyoto Triple Scented Miniature Candle $19.95 Pillow Talk
  3. Kioko Geo Candleholder $39 Fantastic Furniture 
  4. Mojave 9 Light Pendant or Close to Ceiling Fitting with Textured Frost Glass $1,295 Beacon Lighting
  5. Averi Planter Wooden Stand $59.95 Freedom
  6. Calathea Variegated Terracotta Pot $29.95 Freedom