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Warm up your room with Wood and Wicker

Our Interior Decorator Prue gets asked all the time, how to warm up a room?  The answer is always wood and wicker.

Wood and wicker by their nature add warmth through the colour and texture no matter what style home you have.

Here’s some quick tips to help you in your home:

Wood Floors

Not always an option but if you have them or can add them they make a huge difference to a room.  They are easy to clean and can add character instantly.  If you’re worried about how they might feel underfoot in winter adds rugs, not only for additional texture but a pop of colour.

Now days there are some great wood alternatives around that won’t scratch which is great when you have pets with claws or children

Tip: the darker the floors the more dust that will show up.

Check out the great range of alternatives from Carpet Call.  The colours and grade (the variation in knots) are so varied there will be something to suit your look.

Wood Furniture

From Prue’s experience, every room should have at least one piece of wood or wicker furniture.  It can instantly warm a cold room, such as a tiled floor and leather sofa which one client was struggling with last week.

For example, a wood or wicker coffee table, a wood dining table, a wood console, dining chairs with wood legs or even a lounge chair with wood arms.  Look for an interesting piece that will stand out.

Wood & Wicker (even Rope & Sisal) Accessories

Wood and wicker accessories are a great way to add inexpensive warmth.  From displaying your wooden chopping boards in your kitchen, through to wooden mirrors in bathrooms and wicker baskets in pretty much any room, as wall hangings or decorator items such a lamps and pendant lights.

For a failsafe option there is always the sisal rug.  There are so many fabulous options around this Spring.  Check out those on our Facebook page.

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