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Come home to lamp light

Do you come home to a dark home?  Not very inviting is it?

Well it’s time to add a timer to your lamps and beat the winter!

There is nothing quite like coming home to a warm inviting home.  Do you set your heating to come on an hour before you get home so it’s already warm and cosy?  Why not your lights?

Having a warm and welcoming light on in the first room you enter means you aren’t stumbling for the light switch.  It also changes how you feel about walking in to a room.

Simply add a timer to your lamp and set it to come on when you expect to be home and go off when you go to bed.  No more dark and cold ‘welcome home’ greetings.

Now all you need is a bottle of red waiting, a comfy seat and a warm blanket…..


Image 1: Found on Pinterest