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Your Work from Home HQ

Stay productive, happy and healthy in your home office

So, all of a sudden you are working from home.

While it’s often something that many of us have aspired to, in reality it can often be challenging. Is your work from home space set up for success?

With the latest in furniture, homewares and technology, Home HQ Artarmon has everything you need to help you stay productive, happy and healthy – we are your work from home headquarters..


Functionality first

Functionality is key when choosing home office essentials. Where possible, your workspace should provide everything you need to work to the best of your ability – good lighting, great technology, sufficient storage and the perfect chair.

Make sure your desk and chair are set up for best-practice ergonomic standards and your power cords are safely secured and out of the way.

Proven productivity

Studies have shown that an untidy space can make us feel unmotivated, disorganised and less productive. Take action, declutter and get organised as you set up your home office space so you can work as efficiently as you can.

If you are sharing a workspace (or homeschooling!), consider investing in sound-proof wireless headphones.

Keen and clean

Cleanliness and hygiene are top of mind right now for all of us. Whilst we are dedicated to washing our hands for 30 seconds at a time, we should also spare a thought for our desks. When was the last time you wiped down your keyboard or your screen? Cleanliness brings peace of mind…especially during a health crisis.

Sustain sustainability

While we are all moving towards digitisation on a large scale and we are all using less paper, don’t forget to recycle what you can in your home office. Place a paper recycling bin next to your desk as a reminder and don’t forget to separate other recyclables around the house.

If you are spending more time at home, think about changing all your light bulbs to halogen or LED to conserve energy.

Surrounding yourself with indoor plants also provides amazing benefits – they help to increase oxygen levels and reduce the incidence of coughs and colds. They are also known to improve concentration, memory and productivity. If you love the look but can’t get the real thing at the moment, try the next best thing – faux plants are now so realistic!

Welcome wellness

Being in isolation can have a big impact on your mental health. To achieve wellness in your workspace, try setting up your desk near natural light, bring in some greenery and introduce a calming scent. Fragrances can evoke positivity, so why not grab a candle or diffuser for your desk? Listening to music during certain tasks can also increase your sense of overall wellbeing.

Most importantly, don’t forget to stay hydrated, take regular breaks and exercise when you can. If you spend a lot of time sitting at your desk, make sure you try and find ways to keep moving!

Keeping a daily routine is vital for maintaining a sense of achievement – try and start work at a regular time each day and plan your tasks as you would have done at the office.

Beautiful thing

If you are experiencing feelings of uncertainty during this difficult time, surrounding yourself with things you love can give you a lift.

As well as reaching for our furry friends and our loved ones, research has shown that products that are beautiful and functional can evoke feelings of calmness and contentment and even reduce negative emotions.

Home HQ Artarmon is a spacious, large format centre with wide malls and lots of open space. We are here to help you work from home in comfort and shop in comfort.

We are committed to your safety and security during this difficult time – the centre and each of our stores are rigorously cleaned throughout the day, everyday, and some stores also offer home delivery for your convenience.

We are devoted to our local community and we wish you health and happiness at this time.


All products featured in this blog can be purchased in store at H?ome HQ Artarmon and are subject to availability.