Back to School Season


by Home HQ

January 17, 2024

With the back to school season upon us comes the hustle and bustle of ensuring your kids are ready to go. HomeHQ Back to School Shopping Guide provides a vast range of items that will ensure you and your child are ready to start the new year in full swing!


Princess’ think in Pink.

Make learning a fun and magical time for your daughter with the Twilight Desk from Fantastic Furniture.

Desk the Halls.

It’s back to school season and the Hayden Desk from Fantastic Furniture is sleek and versatile, giving you the ability to accessorise to your own aesthetic.

Multipurpose Please.

Howards Multipurpose Stackable Storage Drawer is exactly that… Multipurpose! Make it easy for your child to keep their study looking clean or anywhere in your home!

Lunch bell ringing.