Five Tips For Choosing Outdoor Furniture That’s Just Right


by HomeHQ

December 11, 2020

Finding the ideal outdoor setting that suits a particular lifestyle, budget and space, doesn’t have to be as difficult as it sounds. Follow these 5 simple tips from HomeHQ Artarmon’s Wintons Teak, to make sure the process is as simple and easy as possibly.

1. Outdoor Lifestyle

Start by identifying how the outdoor area is mostly used. People who like to relax outside with a book will prefer options like deep seaters and loungers. Add coffee tables, cushions or sofa tables to make the space even more comfortable. While people who prefer to use their outdoor space for outdoor dining and entertaining will prefer dining options which can be sets or tables mixed with different chairs. 

2. Personal Style

Outdoor furniture is generally a feature of the outdoor area, so it should be something that is going to look great all year round. Researching different styling options to match the rest of the house will complement already existing themes, rather than contrast. If classic styling is used throughout the house and outdoor area, opt for heavier-set pieces with more intricate detailing. If there is more of a modern theme apparent, experiment with different shapes and materials. Cushions and colours are a great way to jazz things up!

3. Space

When working with a smaller space, it’s worth choosing a design that can extend and collapse. Most people use their outdoor furniture when entertaining guests for lunches and dinners. By selecting chairs and tables with flexible options means furniture can be stowed away to save room when not in use or reduced in size when a larger table for guests is no longer required. Anything from chairs and tables that collapse or stack. It’s best to measure the area before purchasing furniture, to ensure everything will fit comfortably.

4. Quality

Choose furniture that’s going to stand the test of time. While an outdoor setting might appear to be perfect for a desired outdoor space, it’s important to ask what sort of grade the material is. While an outdoor setting may look good and fall well within a budget, will it last longer than one summer? Be sure to ask about a warranty policy.

5. Time

Constant maintenance is going to become annoying for someone who leads a busy lifestyle. It’s important to find out exactly what maintenance specific materials require before purchasing an outdoor furniture setting. A-grade teak requires absolutely no maintenance at all, which means it can be left outside all day long without having to be moved during unpredictable weather conditions. Alternatively premium wicker can also be a great low maintenance option.

Note: Wintons Teak warranties range from 3-5 years depending on the materials used and all teak used is A-grade which requires no maintenance. Visit