Pops of Character


by Home HQ

February 20, 2022

Pops of Character

There’s no place like home, so make it yours! Be inspired by the changing seasons, new trends and beautiful life everywhere you look. Bring in fresh colours that wake you up, textures that make you feel oh-so-cosy and liven up your space for once.

There’s so many possibilities to explore when it comes to colour in the home, but we’ve got a few ideas here to kickstart your interior styling journey. Have fun with it, and make your first move right after you’re finished reading!

Lounge about

Make a statement with a unique lounging chair perfect for that one corner you’ve been trying to fill. This Otis Copper Lounge Chair from Adairs is covered in quilted chenille and has high density foam for ultimate comfort. Better yet, add another one to make a two-seater, because the more the merrier! 

Home Republic Otis Copper Lounge Chair 1 Seater $799.99 Adairs

Choose your hues

The best thing about coordinating a home with colourful character, is that you’re in charge of what goes in, and what doesn’t! There’s so many different products out there to choose from, but here’s one of our tips: find a piece of wall art that you like, and find other items that match colours within the art to spread around the space. That way you’re creating a cohesive look and avoiding that dreaded clash.

  1. Adairs Casablanca Burnt Orange Vase $29.99 Adairs
  2. Live a Little Multi-Coloured Framed Print $103.97 Freedom
  3. Home Republic Belgian Desert Sand and White Vintage Washed Linen Cushion $89.99 Adairs
  4. Lavelle Throw $69.95 Pillow Talk
  5. Chasseur Round French Oven 28cm 6.1L in Mediterranean Blue $323.55 Kitchen Warehouse 

Put your feet up

Now, not everything has to be colourful – a plain base is the foundation to all creativity. There can’t be art if there isn’t a canvas! Go for this Ortic Fabric Ottoman from Freedom to decorate with an eclectic throw or unique tray, adorned with candles & your favourite magazines. 

Ortic Fabric Ottoman – Freedom

By your side

A trusty side table can make or a break a space in terms of functionality. We could all use a little more drawer space every now and then couldn’t we? The Portifino Lamp Table from Fantastic Furniture is as classy as it looks, with one drawer for all those knick knacks and ample space for a beautiful new lamp or fresh bouquet of flowers.

Portifino Lamp Table – Fantastic Furniture