Home to over 10,000 rugs

The Hojjati Persian Art Gallery has been established for the purpose of offering the Australian public rugs of supreme distinction. We have a collection of handmade rugs from the classic rug production centres of the world: Rugs from Iran (Tabriz, Qum, Nain, Isfahan, etc.) As well as rugs from Kashmir, Lahore, Nepal and other leading rug production centres. But the main advantage of purchasing from The Hojjati Persian Art Gallery is that we buy directly from the source and avoid the middlemen, therefore our prices are competitively low.

Our trained team of personable and professional consultants combines years of experience with enthusiasm and exemplary service; they are on hand to advise you and help you to find the rug you’re looking for.

Website: persianartgallery.com.au

Telephone: 1800 088 330

Email: dean@persianartgallery.com.au